Does foldable arms impact printing quality?

We started the project 2 years ago… and yes at the beginning it was awful (wobble, lack of precision, …). Then we work a lot on strengthening our design and now we are proud to say that it … kicks ass! We will post updates on our blog so you can check it.

Does the polar movement impact the quality?

Mathematics make sure that the quality will be lesser on the farthest side of the circle. Then we designed our printer to have a high precision from the farthest position.

Currently we have :

  • Center precision : 0,0028 mm

  • Farthest precision : 0,0131 m

Why is there Dracula??!!

We wanted to include a fun touch to our communication plan… and Dracula is Romanian. As our team is from Romania and France, it made sense… Well.. We are not marketing guys as you can see ;)

What can I print with Omazing?

As you can see, there is a tower in the middle of Omazing so for sure you can’t print in the middle but one arm surface is bigger than most usual printers, so you can print pretty much everything you usually print but on a much bigger quantity (for example where a 30x30cm printer can print, we can print more than 20 times that). Plus you can print giant parts which don’t use the center of the plate. Thus, you could print a giant donuts or a real size hula hoop !


Let’s take a 3D printer which we will call UltiM**** 3 Ext***** .

This printer has a printing surface of 21x21cm. It can print less than 25 pieces of chess (3cm diameter per piece).

Omazing can print more than 500pcs

Where is the print bed?

You can use your own support to print with Omazing. We tried to print on : wooden table, office desk, glass table, specially cut wood sheet, ... Always was fine. But yes it must be flat. It doesn’t need to be smooth if you use a raft.

How can I slice my STL file for Omazing?

As we always say, we do hate proprietary things when it is not necessary. Omazing use standard GCode so you can directly slice with your usual tools (such as Slic3r, Cura, …)