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Going forward 3D printing

Take pride IN your 3D printer. Omazing is the versatile 3D printer.

Imagine. Create. Play.

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If your printer is not enough for the power user you are then OMAZING is made for you!

As 3D printer users and professionals, we were frustrated because of our 3D printers’ limitations. We didn’t want to design “just another basic printer” which you could get from our competitors or from china.

We wanted to make a printer which we (you and us) could be proud of, which would not only cover the limitations but will be amazing and crazy!

We designed from scratch OMAZING

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We believe that…

3D printing is beautiful

Your printer is too small?

Make it big… but why only big when we can make it GIGANTIC!

  • Volume: ~300L (0,32m3).

  • Surface: ~1m² (9,700cm²)

Not crazy enough? Check the Omazing XL which can print more than 400L (0,41m3)!


Let’s stop speaking in cm. Omazing printing diameter > 1.1 meter!

Mirror print

Increase you productivity, print two objects at the same time

Only available on OMAZING

The second arm clones the movement of the first

You can print with the same or different a color